Kashmari raisins are similar to golden raisins and just like golden raisins they are treated with Sulphur dioxide, however, they are long and yellowish green in color and have seeds inside. They are originally produced in Kashmar_ a city in North East Iran. They contain about 30% seeds can be stored for a relatively long time. Their sweetness and sugar content is similar to other types of raisins. The amount of fructose and glucose present in Kashmari raisins make them an excellent source of energy.


Nutrients in 100gr

Energy299 kcal
Fat0.54 g
Carbohydrates78.47 g
Protein2.5 g
Sugar59 g
Fiber4.5 g


SO2(mg/kg): <1500

Coating oil: 0.3< Sunflower oil <0.5