Kashmari Raisins

KASHMARI RAISINS Kashmari raisins are similar to golden raisins and just like golden raisins they are treated with Sulphur dioxide, however, they are long and yellowish green in color and have seeds inside. They are originally produced in Kashmar_ a city in North East Iran. They contain about 30% seeds can be stored for a […]

Sultana Raisins

SULTANA RAISINS Sultana raisins are dark brown in color. They are dried in special drying plates under direct sunlight. sultanas are SO2 free and very sweet and they are widely used in baking industry. This kind of raisin is popular in Many European countries (due to it’s sulfur free characteristic).   Nutrients in 100gr Energy […]

Malayer Raisins

MALAYER RAISINS This type of raisin, is almost the same as Sultana raisins. The main difference between Malayeri raisin and Sultana raisin is its lighter color.  It is originally produced in Malayer, therefore, it takes its name from this city. It should be noted that although Malayeri type is lighter in color, it contains less sugar and is […]


Apricots Dried apricots are a type of traditional dried fruit. When treated with sulfur dioxide (E220), the color is vivid orange. Organic fruit not treated with sulfur vapor is darker in color and has a coarser texture. Generally, the lighter the color, the higher the SO2 content.

Golden Raisins

Golden Raisins Golden raisins also known as Angoori raisins are one of the best-exported raisins in Iran. in order to attain golden amber color, Sulfur SO2 is used in production process of these kind of raisins, and then they shade dried. Nutrients in 100gr Energy 299 kcal Fat 0.54 g Carbohydrates 78.47 g Protein 2.5 […]


Pistachio Kalleh Ghouchi (Jumbo) Pistachio This pistachio is larger than Fandoghi (round) variety and blossoms early. Its trees are very sensitive to cold weather. Kalleh Gouchi pistachios are normally harvested in mid-September. Available sizes: 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26                   Akbari (Extra long) Pistachio Being the most expensive [...]