This type of raisin, is almost the same as Sultana raisins. The main difference between Malayeri raisin and Sultana raisin is its lighter color.  It is originally produced in Malayer, therefore, it takes its name from this city. It should be noted that although Malayeri type is lighter in color, it contains less sugar and is not as sweet as Sultana. Based on color they are also categorized in different types. Type 7, Type 8, Type 9, Type 10, and Type 11. Type 7 is the darkest and 11 is the lightest in color.



Nutrients in 100gr

Energy299 kcal
Fat0.54 g
Carbohydrates78.47 g
Protein2.5 g
Sugar59 g
Fiber4.5 g


SO2(mg/kg): < 700

Coating oil: 0.3< Sunflower oil <0.5